International Education Resources in Connecticut

Hosted by the George R. Muirhead Center for International Education

Countries of Origin

This summary displays International Student Enrollment by Country for Fall 2011 for the participating institutions. Questions regarding the data may be addressed to the appropriate contact person, listed on our homepage.

IERConn on Facebook

International Students from participating Connecticut institutions may use this page on Facebook to begin the process of communicating online with each other and other local Internationals. If you are not already a member of Facebook, registration is free and encouraged. Post questions, comments, pictures, and more!

Consider Creating an account on Facebook – it is a wonderful opportunity to make friends from your home country and other parts of the world.

Intensive English Language Program

Intensive English Language and ESL Programs in the State of Connecticut are currently available at 5 participating institutions. These are wonderfully designed programs that assist non-native speakers and international students in English Language Proficiency.